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Herbal Teas
Bath Salts/Scrubs
On this shop you'll find items you can find here on plus new items, wedding items, and items made
just for this Etsy shop!
Knucklehead Knobs is hand crafted stone, shell, and glass cabinet
knobs and pulls.  Perfect for refurbished, antique, or new furniture and
cabinets.  These look great in kitchens, bathrooms, and kids rooms!  
Easy way to quickly update tired looking cabinets.
This is everyday zen for all, including zen jewelry, world prayer
beads, rosaries, mala's, yoga jewelry and gifts, gifts of zen and
harmony, magic and metaphysical/magical items!  
Fun and unique gifts.
I love everything tropical - and this is where I keep all those items!  
Shop includes jewelry, home decor, and warm and sunny tropical gifts.  
Great for beach weddings, beach cottage decor, nautical decor, and luau
Owens Acres Design is artisan crafted jewelry in gemstones, gold,
and silver.  Affordable and great for everyday wear or formal
attire.  Perfect for gifts or keep it for yourself!
Heat Packs &
Eye/Dream Pillows
Lavender Eye Pillows
Headache & Sinus Pillows
Chai, Mulling,
Yerba Mate Blends
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    responsibility to let your physician know you are taking an herbal
    product so they can evaluate for possible interactions.  Only a
    physician is qualified to make this evaluation.

  • None of my products or statements have been evaluated or
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  • If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical
    condition, consult your physician before using any products or
Visit our new shop on Amazon Handmade.  Here you'll
find exclusive designs just for Amazon customers!  Keep
checking back as I'm still stocking up this new shop!
Vibergy is our new shop on Esty where you can find hand crafted
vibrational and energy stone jewelry and gifts.  Each piece is
unique and offered in limited quantities!  These unique pieces
make great gifts or keep them for yourself. Get your vibe on!
We only sell online - we do not have a shop or store you can visit....
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