Herbs & Oils for Magic,
Meditation, or Mystical Purposes
Herbs, flowers, and resins are gifts from Mother Nature and can be
used for a variety of magic, meditation, or mystical purposes.
Resin's, Gum's, Sap's & Powders for Incense
Sold in tins, weights vary
Herbs, Flowers, Plants, Berries, and Spices
Sold in muslin sacks - weights are 'approximate'.
Angelica Root
Enhances female power and goddess, protects children, Wards off
negativity, protection, divination, healing, visions, prosperity, love,
spell breaking, success, wisdom.   Approx. 1/4 oz.
Allspice Berries
Considered good luck and used to bring winnings from games of
chance, luck in business matters, success, and prosperity.  Place
berries in your wallet or burn as incense. Approx 1 oz.
Used to attract money and success, love, and a happy home.
protection, wealth, love, repels negativity, purifying, clairvoyance,
consecration, divination, fertility, fidelity, happiness, harmony,
honesty, passion, peace, prosperity, strength, success.  
Dragon's Blood Resin
Carried or burned for good luck and attract wealth and love,
honesty, empowerment, courage, banishes bad karma.
Approx. 1 oz.  Note: pieces are smaller than pictured.  
Myrrh Gum
Carried or burned for good luck and attract wealth, healing,
spirituality, and rejuvenation.  Approx. 1 oz.
Pine Resin - Sold Out.
Carried or burned for good luck, attract wealth, and for
spiritual practices.  Used to cleanse the home and remove
bad karma.  Wild crafted with from Owens Acres. 1 oz.
Frankinsence Tears
Carried or burned for protection and Spirituality, courage,
happiness, drives out bad karma.  Will cleanse and clear the
atmosphere in places where people have argued.  Burn
before moving into a new house to remove any bad the
problems left behind by the former occupants.
Frankincense is one of the strongest stimuli for a human
spirit Use during prayer, meditation, and reflection. May
reduce muscle tension and provides a sense of comfort and
Approx. 1 oz.
Copal Oro Gold Resin
Love and purification  Copal oro has a warming aroma that
opens the soul, thereby stimulating imagination and
intuition. Approx. 1 oz.
Burned with incense or gums to increase physic ability  Divination,
rub on crystal balls to enhance strength,  Protection for travellers,
increases psychic powers, prophetic dreams, aphrodisiac,
clairvoyance, longevity, theft, protection, sleep, strength, and
healing. Approx. 1/2 oz
Brewed in a tea will chase bad Karma away.  Also used to attract
money, healing, travel, happiness and protection.  Can be used for
prosperity, money, luck, travel safety, lust, healing, love,
purification, and clairvoyance  Approx. 1/2 oz.
Fennel Seeds
Strengthens a womans courage, protection, and healing   
purification, protection, healing, ward off evil, negative energy,
confidence, courage, fertility, love, and strength. Approx. 3/4 oz.
Cleanses, promotes health, draws wealth, purified, gives courage,
helps with psychic powers, and attracts health and love. Dispels
negativity, increase purification, healing, courage, love, psychic
powers, repels nightmares, cleansing, clairvoyance, compassion,
confidence, consecration, courage, divination, love, meditation,
money, nightmares, protection, and psychic development.  Approx.
1/3 oz.
Removes bad karma, cleanses home, gives power to women in the
home.  Protects, enhances mental powers, healing, purification and
healing, negativity, love, protection, health, blessing, consecration,
insight, fidelity, aphrodisiac, confidence, courage, endings, fertility,
luck, happiness, honesty, inspiration, knowledge, longevity,
meditation, memory, peace of mind, theft, psychic development,
release, and strength.  Approx.  1 oz.
Rose Petals
Draws love, luck, and protection. Best when mixed with Lavender
and Red Clover.  Drink as a tea or burn as incense.  Love, psychic
power, healing, divination, luck, protection, aphrodisiac, beauty,
clairvoyance, compassion, consecration, harmony, longevity,
memory, peace of mind, retention, tranquillity, and personal
transformation.  Approx. .1/2 oz
Pine Needles
Draws money consistently, heals, purifies and removes negativity.
Burned for purification, cleansing, prosperity, wealth, animals,
clairvoyance, compassion, divination, fertility, protection, strength,
healing, and fertility.  Approx. 1/2 oz   
Wild crafted from Owens Acres property
Yerba Santa
Means 'Holy Herb', used for cleansing and offerings
Approx. 1/4 oz. Wild crafted from Owens Acres property
California Bay Leaves
Used for protection, healing, purification and strength.  Write a
wish on a leaf and burn as incense to make wish come true.
Psychic powers, purification, wishes, wisdom, prophecy, healing,
negativity, clairvoyance, consecration, divination, luck, harmony,
inspiration, knowledge, love, memory, money, peace, tranquillity,
transformation.  10 Bay Leaves  Wild crafted
Cedar Leaves
Used for protection, healing, purification and money.  Burn as
incense or drink in a mild tea. Purifying, healing, Sun, psychic
powers, love, clairvoyance, consecration, divination, gain,
longevity, prosperity, strength, success, wealth, money.  Approx.
1/4 oz.  Wild crafted with care.
Juniper Berries
Burned for protection, love, healing, health, romance, theft
protection, psychic powers, animals, aphrodisiac, fertility, secrets,
retention, and strength.  Approx. 1 oz
Burned for love, protection, sleep, purification, happiness, and
longevity, divination, study, visualization, concentration,
aphrodisiac, clairvoyance, luck, harmony, secrets, memory, money,
peace, psychic development, retention, tranquillity, virility, sleep,
and chastity. Approx. 3/4 oz
White Ceremonial Sage - California
Grown & Wild crafted
Provides wisdom, protects, and grants wishes.  Cut and sifted.  
Burn as incense or drink as a tea for protection, wisdom, health,
money, longevity, wishes, purification, aphrodisiac, clairvoyance,
consecration, divination, harmony, inspiration, knowledge, love,
meditation, peace, prosperity, psychic development, psychic
protection, retention, tranquillity, and wealth. Approx. 1/5 oz.
Please burn incense with care and keep away from flamables and children.
Boswellia Resin
Approx. 2 oz
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Owens Acres is an herb farm!  Please email us and let us know
what you need, as we probably have it!
Handcrafted 3" Spoons
Lots of uses!  Can be used to measure resins, herbs, or in the
kitchen for salts, 3" long each.  Handcrafted in Oregon by
Marshkat.  Choose light, medium, or dark wood. $3.50 ea
Cobalt Blue Incense Burner
3" across the top, 3.75" across bottom.  Glass is 1/4" thick!  Makes a
nice candle holder too!  NOTE:  These require extra postage as
they are heavy!
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6 Tin Set of Resins
Ultimate Incense set of six resins including Dragon's Blood, Myrrh
Gum, Frankincense, Pine, Copal, and Boswellia.  Makes a nice gift or
keep it for yourself!  Note, supplies are limited because the pine
resin has to be collected from our property.
Cedar Rosettes
Burned for purification, to stimulate or strengthen the psychic
powers, attract love, money, and success, prevent nightmares, and
heal various ailments, including colds.  4 Rosette's
Red Sandalwood Powder
Burned to exorcise demons and ghosts,conjure beneficial
spirits, and promote spiritual awareness. 1/4 oz.
Pink Rose Petal Powder
Burned to increase courage, induce prophetic dreams, and
attract love. Rose incense is used in all forms of love
enchantment and possesses the strongest love vibration of
any magical incense.  1/4 oz.
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View my garden basket!
Anoiting Oils for Body, Bath, or Magic!
General Anointing Oil
Basic anointing oil of pure Almond Oil with energy
binding essential oils of Sandalwood, Cedarwood,
Lemon, and Orange.  Use this basic anointing oil to
increase power, visions, meditation, and magic.  1 oz.
recycled glass bottle
Banish Bad Karma
Anointing Oil
Bad karma is everywhere whether we did it to ourself
with our deeds, or others did it to us.  Pure almond oil
with essential oils of Cedarwood, Cypress, Sage,
Lemon, and Juniper.  1 oz. recycled glass bottle
Healing Anointing Oil
Help focus healing, recovery, and starting over with
this wonderful anointing of pure almond oil and
essential oils of Rosemary, Juniper, and Sandalwood.  
1 oz. recycled glass bottle
Attract Wealth/Business
Success Anointing Oil
As financial difficulties continue to loom over the
world we could all use a little money magic to keep
what we have and bring success to what we need.  
Pure almond oil with Bergamot, Basil, Patchouli, and
ground Cinnamon.  1 oz. recycled glass bottle
Protection Anointing Oil
We live in unsettling times, be safe!  Whether you
travel, deal with strangers, or are just uneasy in
certain situations.  Pure almond oil with essential oils
of Geranium, Vetivert, Basil and Pine.   1 oz. recycled
glass bottle
Love Anointing Oil
Need a little help finding Mr. or Mrs. Right?  Then
try a little love anointing oil in your next bath!  Pure
almond oil and essential oils of Vanilla, Jasmine,
Ylang Ylang, and Rose.  1 oz. recycled glass bottle
Use in ritual bath, daily shower, mix with our unscented organic lotion, or use to
dab on body hot points (wrists, behind ears, etc.)
All are in a base of pure Almond Oil, and 1 ounce recycled jars!
Anointing Oil Set
Set of all 6 anointing oils!  Give them as gifts, or keep
them for yourself!
Oil Burner
Use your special anointing oil to enhance the vibes in
your home with our little oil burner.  Just add water
and a few drops of anointing oil.  Comes with votive
candle.  Do not leave unattended or burn when
children are present.  
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Ceramic Oil Burner
4.5" tall ceramic oil burner.  Use with anointing oils or essential
oils.  Just add a tablespoon of water and a few drops of oil.  
Makes a nice gift when paired with anointing oils!  Use with care -
do not leave unattended and keep water in the top bowl.  Limited
quantity available.
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