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Breast Cancer Diagnosis

If this year wasn't bad enough with the Covid Pandemic, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in May of 2020. I had surgery to remove left breast in mid August and will begin chemo in mid October. I am self employed and have no medical coverage. Obamacare is not affordable for the self-employed in my age range.

Breast cancer was never on my radar. My mother had Ovarian Cancer so that was always my biggest worry. After my diagnosis, my distant cousin told me that 5 generations of women on my fathers side had breast cancer, and I was #11! Wish I would have know that years ago so I could have been more diligent with mammograms. But it is, what it is.

Covid has affected all of us and my income has been drastically affected because of it. We have a 5 Star Airbnb here in Hilo which supplements our income. Per Governor's orders ALL vacation rentals were shut down and have been for 7 months! My husband also lost his job - so we rely solely on our online sales from OwensAcres.com and our Etsy shops.

My friends and family were kind enough to set up a GoFundMe account, you can read more about my story there: GoFundMe.com Laura's Quest

100% of donations goes towards my surgery/medical bills and upcoming chemo and radiation treatments. All donations gladly accepted and I appreciate your donation and sharing the link on your social media platforms!

I am grateful my cancer is highly curable and hope I bring awareness to breast cancer -- ladies get your girls checked out!

Mahalo and pomo'kai (blessings)

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