Hawaiian Sea Salt Scrub Blends

Generous 14.5 ounce jar of Hawaiian Sea Salt Scrub for gorgeous smooth skin. Gently exfoliates away dead skin to reveal baby soft smooth (and amazing) skin! Simply rub into skin and shower off, no need for after shower moisturizing! Choose one of our heavenly Hawaiian scents. You can also drop 1 - 2 teaspoons into a bath for a soothing and heavenly soak! Salt scrubs makes a fabulous gift. Pair with our matching massage oil for a fabulous gift! Made with Aloha in Hawaii.

Why Use Salt Scrub?

♥ Helps buff of dead skin cells to reveal new glowing skin
♥ Relieves dry and itchy seasonal skin (especially dry, flaky, itchy winter skin)
♥ Softens skin in the shower, so no after shower lotion required!
♥ Use in place of soap - contains no harmful chemicals and drying agents like bar soap but gets off all the dirty, grime, dead skin, and leaves a fresh scent!

♥ Use caution in the shower, as this makes the shower floor slippery. Best to wipe down shower floor after use.
♥ This is and 8 oz. jar by volume, but weighs about 14-15 ounces, requires extra postage due to the weight. 

    Salt Scrub Scent


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