Organic Avocado Leaf Tea from Hawaii

Hand blended loose leaf tea.


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Everyone knows avocados are healthy - but the leaves of the Avocado tree have amazing health benefits as well!  Our avocado leaves come from our organic property in Hawaii and we hand harvest them, inspected them, cut them, and dehydrated them with care.  It's a bit labor-intensive but so worth it!  

Avocado tea has a pretty peachy color, mild almost fruity/nutty taste.  I brew it in mason jars and drink it as sun tea!  

Here are just some of the amazing health benefits of Avocado Leaf Tea:

✿ Avocado leaves contain protein, fiber, magnesium, sodium, manganese calcium, iron, zinc and selenium
✿ Leaves are antioxidants, antiviral, antibacterial
✿ May help elevate mood, improve gut health, boost the immune system 
✿ Leaves have analgesic properties and may help soothe headaches and cramps
✿ Mildly diuretic
✿ Healing compounds including polyphenols, flavonols, pinene and limonene
✿ Organic, Caffeine and sugar-free

Two sizes available:
1/2 oz. kraft bag, about 8-10 servings
1  oz. Hibiscus bag, about 16-20 servings
Both are loose leaf

Makes a unique gift for tea lover!

  • How to use the tea....

    You can consume 1-2 cups daily



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